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Super Blood Lunar Eclipse

Posted on January 12 2014

The September full moon ( Harvest moon )  on the 27th/28th in Aries  4° / 12.50 pm 2015  vibrates highly as we have a major energy shift taking place. September full moon is a total lunar eclipse allowing us to delve deeply into our subconsciousness, a super moon bringing the earth between the sun and the moon and a blood moon activating supernatural energy. Aries influence on these extra aspects brings strong positive energy with a hint of confidence in tackling the extreme energies of this September’s full moon. It will be another 18 years before an event like this one occurs again.The moon is trine Saturn which gives a soft gentleness to the Aries energy as it enters the full moon this month, creating a balance of strength and suppleness. Lilith plays a little part in this months full moon she becomes the guardian of nights energies ensuring safety for those in tune with their intuition.

Spiritual Meaning Full Moon September

The September new moon allowed us to reboot our soul knowledge matrix bringing evolution to our spiritual growth, a new found perspective from which to work. This super moon marks the end of that reboot, we are now charged and amplified to receive the energy shifts of the September blood moon eclipse. A global shift of energies will be felt this September blood moon eclipse, a coming together of the collective consciousness toward goodness and love, it has been a long time coming. This is the last of four eclipses for 2015 the final phase of spiritually focused consciousness raising ascension for the people of earth. A connection of love for those we have never met and a deep understanding of the needs of the planet will gather in each mans heart. The energy is powerful enough to tip us over into the next dimensions of thinking with a positive aim to end war and aggression and an urgency to help and heal the problems we have caused.

For those on the wrong side of the path or those opposing these new energy shifts of 2015 will ultimately fall into a tunnel of despair, watch your loved ones on and around the blood moon. If signs of over emotional behavior and heightened anxiety are noticed take extra care with them, nurse them through this powerful energy. Otherwise all sorts of destructive actions and thoughts will lead them into trouble. Criminal activity is also heightened during this time along with violence and mayhem.


Full Moon September Ritual 2015

The blood moon offers the perfect opportunity to delve deeply into the workings of the universe, bringing magnitude to our manifestations in September. The crow and bat are the symbols of the blood moon and will help us see the future and all that is hidden during the lunar eclipse. Extra sensory perception rises to new heights over the full moon a good time to have paper and pen ready for automatic writing, bringing messages down from the heavens.

Place a red and a white candle opposite each other, burn a little sage and empower yourself to look at your own future. If it is not want you what to see, start the changes now by visualizing what you do want to happen over the next 12 months. In summary it is a powerful time for personal manifestation of all kinds, focus your energy on what needs to change to bring about the changes you’re wanting. © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )

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