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  • Succulesence Tanktop
  • Succulesence Tanktop
  • Succulesence Tanktop
  • Succulesence Tanktop

Succulesence Tanktop

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"About six years ago, I moved from Detroit to California. Driving across this expansive country I got to watch the flora and fauna change dramatically in my rear view. I had never really seen desert plants before, and immediately I was drawn to them. Succulents seem to defy their surroundings and produce amazing geometric results. This design was created by layering geometric patterns over those created by a succulent in nature. The vibrant colors are a result of a process of masking and subtracting colors from a super imposed galaxy. A subtle reminder that everything in the universe is based on geometry, whether we're aware of it or not." -Gougeon

Our loose-fitting, breathable shirt is the perfect canvas. The movement of the fabric makes it the most comfortable shirt you’ll own, while designs dazzle in vibrant color. Made with wicking fabric, which is designed to pull moisture away from the skin.

For more information on Jon Gougeon, the artist behind this print, click here.

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