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Alex Burke

Alex Burke

Lucid Dreamer


Mother Nature


Alex Burke

Long Beach, California.


Art Medium:


Artistic Influences?
Love, nature, water, the Cosmos. Native American and Traditional Japanese art.   Dali, Pollock, Van Gogh. Sacred Geometry. Anime characters i watched growing up inspired me to first start drawing in middle school.


What Inspires You To Create Art?
Nature, flowing water, the way roots and branches stem from trees. Clouds. Beautiful women. Music! The artists i mentioned above. So much beauty in this world and the people on it, its pretty easy to find inspiration wherever you go. The tough part is remembering it when you get back home. I'm always adding to the concept list on my phone when I'm out and something hits me.


When Did You First Consider Yourself an “Artist?”
Freshman year of college i had my first art showing and sold half my paintings. Finding out that people were willing to pay for my art was the first big step for me to consider myself an 'artist.'


What Do You Do When You’re Creatively Blocked?
When I'm blocked i grab a blank canvas, close my eyes and use a pencil to draw a bunch of random lines and scribbles everywhere. Ill open my eyes and after staring for 10-20 minutes something usually surfaces from the scribbles I've made. Just let the drawing make itself! Some of my favorite pieces have come from this method.


Do You Have Any Specific Goals As An Artist?
I would love to make a name for myself in the art community, just to be able to meet and possibly collaborate with some of my artistic idols. Working and creating alongside those who influenced my style would be the ultimate gift.