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Jason Pennington || Graphic Designer 

Born in Reno, residing in Portland, Jason is the co-creator of Mind Honey. His work is world of color and creative expression through sacred symbolism and psychedelic imagination.              





Sage Berry || Photographer, Painter

 Half Mermaid born on the coast of California, Sage is a traveling yogi who loves all kinds of art. Bringing creative concepts and new ways to look at the nature around us by creating multi dimensional photographs. 






Alex Burke || Painter

West Coast Artist, stemming from Reno to Long Beach, Alex is one of the creators of 'The Kause' ---> . His work reflects his dreamlike geometrical visionary world, full of characters and cosmic creation. 





Matt Mannos || Painter

Lake Tahoe artist, Matt creates canvases of graffiti inspired nature, geometric abstractions, and organic funky style! 





Cameron Murphey || Photographer

West Coast Festival Photographer, Cameron grasps light in all of its dimensions while spreading medicine. In our 420 release he was featured with four different chronic strains and designs. 




Sean McCarthy || Mixed Medium


 Jon Gougeon || Mixed Medium