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Cameron Murphey

Cameron Murphey

Grow Room


Budz In The Sun

Cameron Murphey

Martinez, California.

Art Medium:

When Did You First Consider Yourself an “Artist?”
I guess when I started to want to show people? I mean what is art..... really?..... A lot of my stuff still looks like crap, and I would never show it to anyone, haha.  But that doesn't mean the effort isn't what makes you an artist.  It's all about the effort.

What Do You Do When You’re Creatively Blocked?
There's a few things, but Mostly I'll tend to just give it time, and give some attention to another hobby of mine. Let the juices marinate for a while. The "Chicken" is much juicier that way.  That usually allows me to come back to what I was doing with a different outlook on it, or a more eager, enthused one.  I also like to medicate. I have a severe spinal nerve compression injury from my Hip hop dance performing, and sometimes the only way to get my head in the right space, and my body feeling well enough to work is to Medicate with some High Quality Herb.

Do You Have Any Specific Goals As An Artist?
Goals Aye? ...Lots of goals, I'd say it was kind of endless. I guess you could say this is one of my biggest if not my biggest goal... To get my photography on to clothing is a dream come true.  To let people make a fashion statement, With my art.   THAT gives me chills. It's one thing to have people see my photos online. But beautiful souls wearing my art is one of the coolest feelings I can describe. Also I guess you could say to be completely happy, Healthy, and well off enough to fund my artistic endeavors, and hobbies. For instance, Sometimes now a days I will run out of Sterling Silver Wire, and not be able to wrap until I sell a piece, or make money elsewhere. I guess, to be comfortable to have fun doing what I really love.... Isn't that anyone's goal?

What Inspired You To Create Some Designs For The Collective?
I was smoking some fire Herb, and looked to my coffee table, in which I saw a small round stone.... That stone had a small yellow Bee Painted on it. One I had picked up at Stilldream Music Festival Last summer. I then remembered who scattered the little Bee Stones around the festival..... MIND HONEY CLOTHING. I quickly got in contact with ya'll, and that's that. <3 :D