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Felicia Berardi

Felicia Berardi


Felicia Berardi

Berkeley, California.

Art Medium:
Graphic Artist, Painter/Illustrator

Artistic Influences?
I'm mostly influenced by different aspects of nature...sounds, animals, lights, simple shapes, and of course music and other fantasy artwork. There is always something in everyday life that can be artistically influential.


When Did You First Consider Yourself an “Artist?”
I think I considered myself an artist ever since I was getting in trouble for coloring on the fireplace and the carpet in my home as a little kid. I started taking art lessons when I was about 6 years old and would always get art supplies from my family for birthdays or other holidays. I'm pretty sure they knew I was going to be an artist as early as I did and definitely helped push me in this direction. I am extremely thankful for that.


What Do You Do When You’re Creatively Blocked?
Oh gosh,  It used to frustrate me so much when this would happen but I soon realized it is part of the process and an important part! So when I get creatively blocked, I change up the music I'm listening to, get a blank paper or new document and start working on new techniques and just scribble! Bring back the carefree, childish aspect of art and have fun! If that doesn't work then I get up, stretch and and go outside to let go of all that stress. I also try to take about 10 minute breaks every hour or so I am working, it keeps my mind fresh and helps me not focus too hard on something or try to force a design to work.


Do You Have Any Specific Goals As An Artist?
My goals as an artist is to keep pushing myself and learning new mediums. I want to be flexible with art and able to work with all different types of materials and forms. I never thought I would be creating for clothes and I am extremely grateful to be given this opportunity and new field of work to push myself even more! I never want to stop learning new tools and techniques that will help me be a better artist.


What Inspired You To Create Some Designs For The Collective?
Well the designs were originally created for Emissions Festival and used as the flyer artwork for this years event. The design was intended to capture the feeling of Emissions and use nature as a focal point. The festival is held in a beautiful location right on the feather river so nature was definitely the inspiration behind this design, but it's the way that Emissions transforms that nature, that really makes it special. The lighting, stage design, visuals, and just the straight love and energy that goes into creating and building a space that really captures all your senses...that is what I wanted to represent within the art for Emissions.

Instagram: felicia_berardi