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Matt Mannos


Matt Mannos



Know Your Roots

Matt Mannos

Incline Village, NV

Art Medium:

Artistic Influences?
Influenced by many artists such as Alex Grey, The Welch Brothers, Sofles, SNUF, Barry McGee, Jeff Soto, and David Choong Lee to name a few.

What Inspires You To Create Art?
Being outside in nature is a big inspiration behind the pieces i create.

When Did You First Consider Yourself an “Artist?”
I've always considered myself an artist, I just recently started to further my horizons and build some more bridges.

What Do You Do When You’re Creatively Blocked?
When my creativity is blocked I try to get away from creating and  get outside in order to pull new inspiration, ideas, and meaning into my work.

Do You Have Any Specific Goals As An Artist?
To keep creating enough to get a level where i can support myself and a family and not have to work for someone else any more.

What Inspired You To Create Some Designs For The Collective?
The Wookie Spiral is a painting i started at Burning Man a few years back.  I made the piece for a really good friend of mine who has a very distinct and also entertaining  wookie call.  It was a sort of a free-flowing piece to begin but as it progressed it started developing as this sort of vibrational wookie vortex.  

The Know Your Roots painting was designed from an experiment i did with human hands and trees.  I've always had a fascination for the beauty of trees and an interest in the anatomy of the human hand.