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Sage Berry Bio







Sage Berry

Redondo Beach, California


Current Home Base:
Portland, Oregon.


Artistic Medium:
Photography, Painting, Sketching, Craft


What Art Do You Most Identify With?
Mother Nature, Metaphysics, Meditation, Human Beings, Yoga, Psychedelic Experiences, Dreams, Music, Visionary Art, Ancient Knowledge, Minerals, Love. 


What Inspired You To Create The Designs You Submitted?

Mother Nature's pulse beckons me to bring forth her beauty through capturing her as she truly is- Alive. Breathing, beautiful and blossoming with the sweet nectar of life, I feel inclined to experience and expose through photography. 

What Do You Do When You Are Creatively Blocked?

Be in the NOW.

When Did You First Consider Yourself An Artist?
Born by an artist and surrounded throughout life by artists, I have always considered everyone to be an artist in their own brilliant way. 


Do You Have Any Specific Goals As An Artist?
Experience life and share flickers of truth. 

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