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Sean McCarthy Designs Bio

Sean McCarthy

What's the story behind your designs?
”Let’s Get Lost 4 Eva"
This art was inspired by the idea of just hoping on a road and seeing where it takes you. The best journeys are the ones your don't plan, in my opinion. They're the ones that actually take you on the proper path and get you where you need to be.

”Nobility Soliloquy"
The lion is said to be the king of the Jungle, but the owl owns the night.

The delicious view from inside looking out.


Sean McCarthy Design

Mars (via Quincy, Illinois).

Art Medium:
Fashion design, graphic arts, music, paint, illustration.

Artistic Influences?
Everything. Music, other artists, my friends, sunsets, nature, women, sounds, food, smells.

What Inspires You To Create Art?
Lot's of things. I see a lot of stuff in nature such as patterns and balance that I love recreating in a digital format the way my brain sees it. And then music too. I try and have the music I write sound like the art I make and the art I make look like the music sounds. Peaceful and bright in color while being aggressive and sexual in nature.

When Did You First Consider Yourself an “Artist?”
I used to want to be a lawyer, and then I realized all the schooling I'd need, so I said F that and decided on art school. And not until recently have I considered myself an artist really. Like the day I figured out I could do this, be happy and make a good living is the day I fully considered myself an artist. And since that day it has been amazing.

What Are Your Goals As An Artist?
Goals would be to just make amazing things. I'm so happy to be designing clothing now. I'd really like to get into building installations of art and also video mapping during my music sets. Oh and to make mad money and own a giraffe, a midget panda and a few penguins.

What Do You Do When You’re Creatively Blocked?
I flip flop a lot between music, design and painting. So if one of them isn't seeming to flow I find another way to create something I feel is beautiful. And it all works in this awesome circle. I'll be like, well this design isn't working, let's go sit at the keyboard and play around and see what happens. I'll take a break from that and go work on a painting for a bit. While that dries I'll go back to the design and tinker with that. And it flows on like that. My brain is constantly on 100,000, so I have a hard time not doing stuff. I feel like if I'm not making something cool I'm wasting time. We only have so much life to live. I want to make as much as I can and have an impact on as many people as possible in a creative manner.

What Inspired You To Create Some Designs For The Collective?
Pizza. It's all about the cheese.