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Sugar Coated Bio

Sugar Coated

Diamond Birds

Sugar Blast

What's the story behind your design, Sugar Blast?
This is a collage print Inspired by cartoons and street art, and fashion. Color was also a big factor.

Fredy "Sugar Coated" Santiago

Ventura, California.

Art Medium:
Graphic Artist, Painter/Illustrator, Street Artist.

Artistic Influences?
My primary influences start with all the animators/artist that made Disney movies possible, I have always been drawn to the backgrounds and character designs in movies. Later as I grew older graffiti & Street art started to rise more in my community.

What Inspires You To Create Art?
My brain at night and the things that surround me. Mainly all my childhood memories and fantastic cartoons that my brain was inhaling while growing up. Color and flavor is what keeps me going, and of course the support of my family.

When Did You First Consider Yourself an “Artist?”
I think it was back in high school, freshmen year to be exact. I thought that being a real artist was mainly to be famous and make great art, but my art teacher said "you guys are all makers, and therefore you guys are artist" that was really mind blowing, I thought that I anything is pretty much awesome since then.

What Do You Do When You’re Creatively Blocked?
When I have a creative blocked I usually put on a movie or music that I have always enjoyed and start sketching, I think drawing with out expectations turns into a good natural thought. I just try to doodle a lot pretty much where ever I go.

Do You Have Any Specific Goals As An Artist?
I would like to make more mural works and just put my little mark on the community, I want to make a living and support a family, in terms of being rich I don't want to be rich, I never grew up privileged or anything and that has though me a lot about joy and happiness and how material things are just things, I just want to make things and get around with my craft.

What Inspired You To Create Some Designs For The Collective?
My inspiration comes from fashion and nature, I always love to look what is in the the woods, I love birds and the many colors that they come with, one of my patterns was based on birds flying. I really enjoy cartoons and a lot my my illustrations are inspired by them.

Instagram: imsugarcoated