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  • Sacred Bee Womens Tank

Sacred Bee Womens Tank

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In an ancient Egyptian belief, honey bees are believed to be the tears of the sun god Ra. The bees yellow stripes represent the sun and its honey was a symbol of resurrection and was found in jars in the ancient pharaohs tombs. The legend is that bees were said to flow from the Right eye of Ra, (centered on the back of the bee on the design) falling down to the earth like tears, to pass on a secret message from the gods! The right eye of Ra which is a representation the right eye of the falcon god Horus was known in ancient times as the Udjat. This sacred symbol is also description of the Thalamus or the Pineal Gland, known as the "third eye". The bee is a very sacred creature, to the earth and our survival on it. Unless we become more sustainable in farming and cultivating bees, they may all disappear. This design shows the sacred geometry of the honey bee in hopes to raise awareness of how important the honey bee is, how sacred the bee is.

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