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  • Sage of the Quadrivium Bandana
  • Sage of the Quadrivium Bandana

Sage of the Quadrivium Bandana

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Sage of the Quadrivium The Quadrivium is an ancient knowledge, considered to be the study of number and its relationship to physical space or time: arithmetic is pure number, geometry is number in space, music number in time, and astronomy number in space and time. I was one among thousands in a wondrous place of artful experience and transcendental music, dancing like spirits under the cosmos when the universe connected me to a wise sage and powerful soul bond was re-forged from a past life connection we shared at another place in time and space. This design is a reflection of this union, playing on the idea of fate and "everything happens for a reason"

Whether you’re at a festival, a hike, or anywhere in between, you never know when you’ll need a bandana. This isn’t any regular bandana, though. Utility meets wearable art; at 27" x 27" and super soft fabric, you’ll never run out of ways to rock this piece.


For more information on Jason Pennington, the artist behind this print, click here.

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