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Our Story

We are Intellectual Nectar Collectors forever finding our groove in the universe, eternally gaining inspiration and enlightenment from all Life. Influenced by the honeycomb of consciousness that connects all living things. Once one of us gains insight from the flowers of the higher mind the task is to transform that pollen of thought into intellectual nectar. These visions are often times ineffable, expressed solely through creativity and artistry. Through art we have the beautiful opportunity to spread our visions and knowledge found in higher states of consciousness into the hands and hearts of other humans. This is the Mind Honey.


Jason Pennington and Sage Berry started this company in Reno, Nevada USA Earth at the family print shop Ourtec. This is where all the magic happens. Everything is done in house by our team with all of our love. From start to end the process is long and takes many hours but we love what we do and we hope you enjoy these local handmade sublimation art prints we have on clothing. The designs are crafted through different mediums by our team of artists. After that the fabric is cut into pieces, printed, pushed and sewn in house by our awesome team and finally then sent to you with good vibrations! Enjoy. 
Peace and Love